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The Raven

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First hello all!

Im 24 and i hope to be buying my dream car today at 1pm. A pal is selling his MR2 GLTD G reg 70k on the clock he brought it from a garage for what he tells me was £2700. He wanted £2500 but its now down to £1700 which i think is a great price. It has full jap history but not alot on the uk side. I have printed out the buying guide as listed on this page but would like some more tips on buying a G-LTD.

Any help would be great i know its a tad bit late but i only found this site today!

Thanks :thumbsup:

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Indeed but dream car as in one i might stand a chance of buying! :D.

I always knew that one day i could buy a sports car and fell in love with the Mk2 from 16 up. So its a bit of a dream come true to get on at long last.

side note dream car

Ferrari F40 or Lamborghini Diablo two more cars i grew up wanting.

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Not wanting to go too off topic....

But a big welcome, and consider coming to JAE, you can meet us, have a look around our motors, and we can 'ave a look at urs...

Growing up... had to be Lamboghini Countach, Porsche 959 & 911, Ferrari F40...

And from '99 Lexus IS200 :D

Congrats on the car

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It's exactly the same car minus some minor differences (more toys, elec wing mirrors, air con etc)...

One thing that you should check is the cross struts, they're in the engine bay behind the passenger compartment about a foot long, one either side, they have a tendency to rust away but only about £20 to replace....

The rest is the same as a uk car

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Hello, Welcome to the club

Its doesn't matter whether your car cost £ 1700 or

£50000, if its your dream then crank down the window crank up the stereo and enjoy!


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Welcome to the club raven :thumbsup:

Like what jen said it doesn't matter how much the car is worth. If you like the car then buy it my friend.

Mr2 is a great car at the end of the day. Have fun in it and hopefully we will all see you at one of the club meets


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