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Auto Shifting Is Very Resistive...why?


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Went out today and after returning parked the car and shifted to P (auto gear) and the lever was VERY hard to move, managed to move to N, switched off engine & restarted & tried... same as before. the normal shifting & locking in to gear is not happening anymore & there seems to be a even resistance right throughout the shift range. gears seems to be engaging correctly as the dash indicator changes properly.

anyway removed the gear cable from the shift selector to check the selector & it moves flawlessly once the cable is removed... so i guess its something to do with the automatic transmission.

earlier while driving did not notice any problem with performance & nothing was done to the car recently to cause this.

anybody familiar with this problem or ever heard of it before? will take the car to Mr. T tomorrow thats about 20Km drive. hope the car can take it.


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ok... T says shift cable & ignition key lock cable (as in the morning couldn't take the key out from ign) needs replacing.

the good people at Mr. T doesn't have stock & needs 6+ weeks to get it down, and they refuse to give the part number so i can try to get it down from dubai/singapore.... right now they have lubricated the shift cable & disconnected key lock cable.

If any of you guys have access to the part number of the said cables of a right hand drive vitz (TA-SCP10AHPNK-D) would really appreciate it.



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