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I Did 40 Mph Today


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I called my mate today to come over with his 3 tonne jack and axle stands. Went through manual and thought 'bugger'. Jacked car up to stupid height and place axle stands beneath. Got under and found the speedo drive connection. Very accessible as it starts with a second cable comming out of the auto box near the propshaft. Got lugs off, unscrewed cable, removed dash and pulled out cable. Doddle. Fitted new cable. Got rust in eye, went in house screaming like a big nancy. Missus sorted out rust. Went back out still whinging. Got in car. It started after 15th click (amazing). Went up raod. Speedo now works! Hurrah!

Rear light warning and Battery light still permenantly on but alternator arrives tomorrow at work.

I may have a sorted out supra by next week. At last. Hope nothing else goes wrong as when under car found that one exhaust bracket was corroded away so removed offending article.

Nice day! Am off to pub to win quiz :thumbsup:



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