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Chronicles Of Narnia

Demonic Angel

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Cinema was full of kids.... :rolleyes:

But it didnt spoil it - really excellent film! :thumbsup: I thought it'd struggle to live up to the BBC series I loved so much as a child, which was cutting edge for its time....

The effects are amazing, Aslan just looks so real that in some scenes you think it must be a real lion...

With most films derived from books, a little is left out, but not enough to spoil it and all the cast are more or less perfect - even the children - and I hate precocious child "actors" with a passion - but these kids were really good!

Battle scenes were straight out of LOTR though - and not half as nail biting, but then, it is a kids movie....

Really well worth a see! :thumbsup:

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i went to watch it last night. there wasnt a single kid in the place and it was a full 700 seater screen :s

all i all it is a very good film. and like em says the effects are amazing. could have done with some blood in the battle scene :P. the film imho is long. but it is worth it.

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Too young?

Nooo Dave - I'm only 24 myself - its a book by CS Lewis - The Chronicles of Narnia are 7 books in total, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe is the 2nd book....

It was a really popular CBBC programme in the early 90's - really groundbreaking special effects for its day...

Go see it - it'll jog your memory! :thumbsup:

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