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Place Your Bets Ladies And Gentlemen..

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I hope you find this amusing.. A friend of ours claims that he can beat us in the race-track, provided my girlfriend does the driving (sexist kind of challenge). He drives an Opel Astra 1.4 (90HP), my girlfriend will drive our TS.

The race is going to take place in August,on a race-track in our country the length of which is 2.200meters. The cars will not compete simultaneously of course, but by means of time keeping. Here are some data we possess:

According to a greek magazine, the best time an Astra 1.6 (100HP) can do on this track is 1:23:430. (4wheels magazine, june 2002). For the record the Corolla 1.6 did 1:22.558. These cars were driven by professionals and the time achieved was the best among the 300+ rounds done in a reliability test.

So this leads to the conclusion that, since we're talking a 1.4 version of the same car, a 1:24 flat seems to be a quite safe margin for us, a time that seems not to be doable since our friend is neither as good as the professionals from the mag, nor shall he have the luxury of 300+ rounds in terms of achieving the ideal, perfect time.

On our side now...

We visited the track some time ago.

After 5-6 diagnostic rounds, my first time was 1:21, then I did 1:20, then I did three rounds in the 1:19 zone. After a break, I was driven around the track by a professional racer in a megane (cheapish, but smooth ride..) who pointed out some of the most serious mistakes I made.

So then I did a very easy 1:18.8, and I clearly remember the round was far from flawless. I decided I wouldn't push the car no more, and I understand that my personal record should be someplace around 1:17. And from this experience and feeling of how fast I went with our TS I understand that the car (stock of course) can do no better that 1:16, I'm sure.

The track is considered slow. For a 1:18 round the average speed is about 101 km/h. There are about 5 curves that need to be taken with 2nd gear and at about 55km/h, 2 hard ones requiring 3rd gear and about 120km/h, and the top speed that can be achieved by cars in the TS league is about 150km/h.

Last but definitely not least, my girlfriend. She did quite a few rounds to get a feel of the track and did 1:25 flat on all three rounds we kept her time. Clear lines close to perfect, she was just intimidated by the two fast spooky curves. Just these two curves must 've cost at least 4 seconds in total. She took them with barely 100.

So here comes the grand question... What is going to happen when the day comes? Personally I think we'll smoke him. I'd like your views on the issue.

Some data for the record, all taken from the aforementioned greek magazine. Please note that this magazine uses this track for tests and the times I post here were achieved by professional rally drivers.

Yaris TS 1:19:372

Peugeot Rallye: 1:16.381

WRX 1:14.25

Type R 1:14.85

Audi S3 1:15.70

In addition, I would like to disagree with some people who believe that the VSC is a serious problem on track. From my experience on the track, with clear lines it barely intervenes at all.. Like the driver who showed me around the track said (and I thank him for his invaluable help) you dont have to twist the car for good numbers. Just a patient, surgical approach...

thank you for reading

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Hi Chris

Its strictly a matter of driving skills. If your girlfriend is

a skillful driver then it has many chances of winning the race,

otherwise :crybaby::crybaby: .

As for the CTS we all know that it is not the best car in the

track due to the lack of torgue in the low and mid rpm range.


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Hi John!

There are two variables here. Difference in ability (our friend kind of looks down on female drivers, yet he hasn't seen my girlfriend drive, nor other girls out there..) vs the difference between the cars. The latter can be vast on a track where 3rd and 4th gear are mostly used, but even in this relatively narrow track of 2nd and 3rd gear the 5sec difference on a 1something minute track is considered HUGE. We'll find out..

The TS displays magnificent work on behalf of the Toyota mechanics on the issue handling vs comfort. It may be approximately 2sec behind the Honda behind on this track, but it's GREAT fun, and diabolically fast. And even on this narrow track, you spend LOTS OF time in the 6200-8200 zone.

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I'm fairly sure you're girl will win... the difference in power is loads...

However, I currently drive a 1.6 corolla T3, last car was a 1.4 astra, and for a track day, I'd prefer the astra, handled better tbh.

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