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Hello one and all! As you can see.. I'm a newbie. Not just here, but when it comes to purchasing cars.

However, I've had my eye on a Yaris from day one. When I was younger I fell in love with them and that hasn't changed. I've mentioned to people, "Oh I want a Yaris" and they say things like "fabulous!" or I ask my local mechanic and they say lovely things like "You can't go wrong there at all"...

A little background: I currently own a 1996 Citroen AX Debut. It drives. Beyond that, it doesn't do a fat lot, including being in possession of a glove box door. I don't feel comfortably driving a load of people around in it (no power steering or ABS). Nor would I feel happy about driving up and down the country (the alternator fault sees to that lol!) in it amongst other things.

After advice from my mechanic they've said, if you're thinking of getting rid then don't get the work done so I'm hoping I can part exchange it toward a Yaris!

My insurance renewal isn't till May, so it won't be a huge lump sum if I change car now. And I may've found the dream Yaris...

It's from a dealer. Being 20 years old, I don't have the ability to drive other cars on my policy whereas a dealer would cover me and also part ex. Plus, 12 month warranty!

It's a 52 plate Colour Collection 1.0 in Caldera Red (gorgeous). It has Power Steering (ooh), ABS (ooooh!) and even front electric windows (oooooh!!!) but best of all, it has a POLLEN FILTER.. how fancy is that :D .. I suffer from hayfever you see. It also has five doors which is a definite requirement of mine... central locking.. lots of bits and bobs. Went to see it today and have a test drive booked on Thursday.

Now it was first registered in October 2005 and has done 41k which makes me a bit :wacko: as it seems to be a bit high, though it has only had one owner and it's last service was done a month ago. The MOT was done then too, and tax runs through to March.

Dealer's price is £5495 which I know is a bit high and the guy certainly seems open to a bit of negotiation!

Now the other thing is, after some advice from a friend, I did an AA Data Check on it and it's come back with outstanding finance - everything else is clean. I don't know the details yet and will be onto the finance company in the morning, but could it just be because the lady part exchanged the car toward a newer one? I mean the dealer (Toyota Specialist been around sixty years) wouldn't take it off her hands if it was that dodgy right? Any chance it could be out of date, the check?

Erm.. this is a bit long really isn't it.. what does everyone think?

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Hi Sprite - its Em here!! Welcome to TOC - this is the other forum I inhabit!

Did you go and see the car in the end then? Told you Caldera Red was nice! :thumbsup:

As for the finance - see what they say tomorrow, but it could be nothing, but its always good to check (sorry I forgot to mention that earlier!)

I really hope you get this car! :thumbsup:

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Blimey!!! It's a small world eh? :D

I did indeed go and have a look, but as it was dark I didn't get to test drive. I sat in the drivers seat and played with the gears. The pedals felt a bit funny to me - different, really, as in both my car and my brother's they seem to go down a lot further. Means I don't have to sit so stupidly close though.

Thanks :D

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The red is so pretty!!

I've been looking at silver etc but it's a gorgeous shade. These days a lot of cars just seem to be in blues, silvers and blacks really don't they? Not that I have anything against those colours as I like them all but.. so does everyone else apparently :D

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Totally agree with you! the cars a querky car (ok more popular now but still querky) i.e. not a saxo, corsa, punto, fiesta, nova etc. :P And in Red its that little bit more sporty looking and individual! i think black looks drug dealer, silver is where the person couldnt decide so chose out of default and blue is the person pretending to be interesting by picking a colour :P But dont get me wrong, some of my favourite colours can be blues and greys. I think its partly that i have fallen in love with the way a Sr in Red (or even lee's Tsport!!!) looks :drool:

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Welcome to TOC ..... and what a good choice you have made!

You can't go wrong with the yaris - I've not long had mine second hand from Mr T. Yes you pay that little bit extra than if you was to buy it private, but you can have piece of mind with the 1 years free warranty/RAC cover!

Whats this other forum your on then Em - tut tut tut :P :lol: !

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Aahh you can let her off we try and help out some learners every now and then :) :)

My main concern with this car (presuming of course, when I jump in and drive and fall in love with it straight away, losing the little common sense and rationality I hold as it is) is the outstanding finance... what do you guys reckon on that?

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Hiya. I'm a little confused. If it's a 52 plate, shouldn't it have been registered in October 2002 not October 2005?

Anyway, assuming that was a typo, it's a little over three years old. They reckon 12,000 miles a year so the car you're looking at would have around 36. 37k plus but I don't think anything from that to about 45k is excessive. It's also had the check and you've got a 12 month warranty in which to moan at Mr T if there's a problem. I'd say give it a look around and a test drive in daylight and then decide.

Oh and write down any questions you have about the car as you think of them and take your list to the dealers. You'll forget them otherwise! :P

Does the car you're after look anything like this one then? My last car, 1.0L, 3 door but Caldera Red which certainly does look brilliant after a wash and wax. :yes:

Al's old "Baby" (clicky)

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Its a forum I've been on longer than I have been on TOC - I also moderate one of their forums as well! ;)

Blue84 is also a member too, thats where I know her from, as is Keeperofthegate, but he's rarely around since he bought his Ibiza

I met Sprite for the first time a few days ago and have been answering her Yaris questions - she signed up of her own free will... I didnt force her.... honest! :lol: (Makes a change!) :lol::lol:

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Oh just been thinking about the outstanding finance problem. I didn't think the dealers were allowed to sell a car with anything owing on it. The certainly make sure any car you are putting in part exchange hasn't got any!

I'm assuming they have sorted this and the "paperwork" hasn't caught up as yt but make sure before you buy.

Another thing to add to your "things to ask Mr T" list. :thumbsup:

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I've already got a little list (written on the back of the AA check thingy - £30 is worth it when you're looking at spending £5000!!) which includes;

- Enjoying the drive

- Checking the tyres (and spare)

- Making sure it's got enough Oil etc, though this *should* be fine with the service a month ago.

- Taking a Sainsbury's smart box to check the boot size (don't ask)

- Service Book up to date - saw it briefly with the last service about 300 miles ago.

- Interior in good nick, no marks etc that put me off

- Manual

- Keys

- Ask about the cambelt as at 40k it's a concern

I thought that too about the paperwork, because I'm guessing she only paid off the finance about a month ago.

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Well as I said, make sure. :yes:

It does say in their ad that

This car has been fully inspected. Any items that need attention are addressed and the price includes a warranty and full valet prior to delivery.
so should be OK but best to be certain.

Oh and that's a sweet little Yaris. Eee, it takes me back!

Only the photos in my link are bigger and better. :D

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Yup I had a look, a very pretty little car :D

(One of the reasons I like the Yaris.. it's pretty and cute and... yes, I'm a typical female...)

How does the 1.0 hold up?

I've got a 1.0 at the moment and it's not quite nippy enough but y'know... technology moves on all this VVTi stuff and people say that the Yaris is nippier than some of the bigger engines around..

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I'll just add -

Make sure that all the lines on the rear heated window are working asap, as when I got mine in May I couldn't tell as I didn't need it. In November when I needed it I noticed that one of the lines wasn't working and Mr T wouldn't/won't fix it as I could have scratched it within the time I've had it (which I haven't :angry: !)

To get it replaced it will cost me around the £300 mark ..... so as a bit of advice try it out asap, not to be stung with the cost of a new window:thumbsup: !

Cool car btw ..... the 1.0L is a nippy little engine!

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Yeah the Caldera Red is nice.... its a shame you got rid of Baby Al.... I mean Youki is gorgeous.... but Baby was lovely....

Oh yes, every time I spend 20 quid having her washed and valeted I think that Baby always showed for it more but Thunder Grey 'looks' cleaner longer. :P

Also Em, as you know, Baby was a 1.0L, youki is a 1.3.

Talking about the engine, Sprite, it is nippy and will get you to 70mph without any trouble at all and happily stay at that speed all day. It is noisier than a 1.3 though at higher revs. Not that the 1.3 is exactly silent! :lol: Just shove a cd on. :thumbsup:

Out of town, I notice the better acceleration but the main difference is on hills. Naturally, the 1.3 copes better so I needed to change car rather than continually change gear when on my many trips to Wales.

Still a nice little powerplant though but you should suss all that out for yourself on the test drive. Make sure you at least get a dual carriageway in there somewhere.

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Hi and welcome Sprite!

I haven't looked at the piccys, but it sounds like a smart wee car - you'll certainly notice the difference from the AX.

When you're trying the Smartbox in the boot, don't forget that the back seat slides too - the boot space almost doubles when the seat's forward (but your rear seat passengers had better have no legs!)

One last thing - the Yaris has a timing/ca chain and not a belt, so it should be good for at least 100k miles. Plenty of time :thumbsup:

Hope that helps :thumbsup:


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*adds to list*

Stupid question I know but how do you check they're all working if they don't get steamed up?

I haven't got a clue :lol: !

But when you get it home just take a look at the line's closely to see if you can see any marks/scratches on the track!

I suppose you could sit in it at night and do a lot of heavy breathing to steam the car up a bit ;) :lol: !

Mr T said to me that if I brought the car back within a few weeks they would have more than likely have changed it under warranty!

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best of luck with the yaris sprite :thumbsup: she does look nice init :) i personally really liked the mad display when i got to drive one ... and i did think it was a very safe little car :thumbsup:

hope all works out esp over the finance issue and you get your hopes fulfilled :yes::thumbsup:

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Aaah you guys are a fountain of friendly knowledge, now I won't look an idiot when I (don't) ask about a cambelt on Thursday!

Thanks for the rear seat tip. To be honest I don't expect to be carrying passengers that often but the five doors are for those occasions when I do and my passengers tend to be parents - five doors would be easier put it that way. (Ironic actually, that when they would car shop they would get five doors to accommodate me and my brother when we were younger and now it's the other way around). Also for shopping! Urgh! And getting to the rear of the car..

I've got a Kenwood 4031 MP3 CD player which I do want to keep my hands on - I've seen the little posts about sticking them in but I'm a bit scared to be honest :eek: All those wires...

(PS. I work with computers, you wouldn't know it eh? LOL!)

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