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Help Yaris Stero Prob


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hey can any1 help im just wonderin if the factory stereo on a yaris is internal or external amp?

please help me


P.s. im a 15 yr old girl help me out here!!!:)

Hi ..... is this for an iPod/mp3 player so you can tune it into your radio and listern to your songs?

I've read this your other post and that's what im thinking!

If you tell us what it is, we should be able to tell you straight away if it will work or not ...... plus tell whoever has the yaris about the site as we're very nice people and always looking for new people to join :D !

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it has an internal amp normally unless somone has spliced cables and hooked up speaker to RCA wires which would allow an external amp. But yeh, as dave said, tell us what it is you're wanting to do and we'll tell you if it will or not :thumbsup:

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wanting it for my dad to play his cassettes in the car through  an fm modulator but have since found out that ther illegal in the uk!!:)

It's not illegal to own one though, just illegal to use it.

Check ebay, i used to have the Belkin Tunecast II.

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