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I have a sport exhaust system on my car but as it has come from Japan it is really quiet (strict jap laws). I was thinking of removing the middle box and just having a staright pipe to replace it. Im pretty sure this will make it sound better but im not sure if this would be good or bad for my performance? :help:

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to be honest mate, the Bluefalme exhaust on flea bay are well worth the money, i've got one on my gen 5, sounds trick and helps those exhaust gasses . i would link you to a vid of my car on the rollers but its been that long since i've used my webspace i cant find it lol

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I dont really need a new system, i will just get powerflow to custom make a stainless straight pipe to replace the part with the box. The make of my exhaust is somethin like 'Kakimoto' which i have noticed loads of jap imports come with, inc my mates starlet turbo. I dont really know how good this make is....? :huh:

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Kakimoto make great exhausts  :thumbsup:

What timing. I have a kakimot back box and Just discovered a HUGE MOFO crack on the pipe bechind the box! Where can I get another Kakimoto Exhaust for a nice price? Or even a full decat system? :)

Kakimoto's are extremely rare over here, if i was you i would just change it for another exhaust as the chances of getting another kakimoto are slim.

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Straight through exhausts are best on "performance" engines .. you everyday french shopping trolleys will loose power.

Strange that you all rate Kakimoto .. I couldn't stand mine on the MR2 .. was far too heavy and restrictive.

Get a good, light exhaust and it'll do wonders.

But is it really worth it because I was thinking of going to get a powerflow exhaust full decat system from Maxpower in Batersea

Oh dear god no.

Powerflow = Rubbish (they really are SHOCKING exhausts)

And I'd not go to anywhere called "Max Power" ..

The right way, the wrong way and the Max Power way ..

It's like the wrong way, but faster.

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The spoiler is off now (as is the CF bonnet) .. unlike you boys with traction ahoy, some of us needed a hand to get the front wheels going in the direction we want ..

The spoiler bolts on and was on the car for the Nur' trips ..

in damp/wet conditions it makes a huge difference and over 100mph a massive difference.

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I cant believe my exhaust cost £800! :o

Any1 want to buy it??????????? :lol:

Wow! £800 smackers!

So should I be laughong??

I took it out for a spin last night for the first time since the installation and WOW! I couldn't believe it!

It was't so much noticable like the induction kit on the low end but I did notice more power in the mid/high end.

And the sound... OMG the sound is Amazing! I had a choice of what acoustic sound it made and I described what I wanted as a low/mid level sound. Not too loud like a cheap BMW and Golf exhaust sound and not so drummy like the Scooby’s but more like a smooth constant with a bit of crackle at the end. AND HE DID IT!!!! What an artists!

Warren from Top Gear Battersea - Your the man!

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