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I know the yaris 'wobble' after a long drive thanks to the vvt-i, but when i parked up tonight i found it wobbling more than ever - thinking it was just the normal wobble exagerated due to the weather i thought nothing of it and started turning off all the leckies (fans, radio, rear screen etc) then whe i turned off the headlights the wobble stopped - turning the lights back on and the wobble came on again, normally i forget the lights and turn off the engine and am reminded by the beep, so this could have been going on a while, is it the sign of something or is it nothing to worry about :blink:

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yeah i tryed pressing the acclerator but it still was like it untill i turned the lights off again

This seems really odd, mite be worth giving it a good run to get Battery charged, like in day lite etc

Mine drops down to about 600Rpm as a minimum except in summer or hot weather it will drop to 500, but still doesn't wobble and stuff

Just a thought


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yeah - dad said the same thing - we had a look at te Battery and that seems fine - and when i fired it up it didn't do it till id been driving for a while like the normal thing so i think its not much to worry bout now

Mod can close it if they want

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