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Respray Again


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another chapter in the paintshop saga :eek:

heres a quick re cap on what came before

when i had my bodykit fitted 5 months ago i had a full respray and to say the least i had a BIT of a problem with the guy.

eventually after blocking his garage with my car i got the job finished :D

lo and behold 5 months later MORE !Removed! problems :censor:

the paint started to blister :censor: i was polishing as usual and noticed that the rear wing had now gained a wonderful sandpaper type finish :ffs:

needless to say i was very upset

but here comes the good bit took it back to the bodyshop and the guy who did it has had a personality transplant :D

helpful isnt the word he has had it for a week he has had the paint tested

he has kept me informed of progress :D

now phoned me today to tell me that all the affected paintwork has been re sprayed. BUT

he has asked me if it would be possible to keep the car another ten days :D

so he can rub it ALL down and respray the whole car again as he is not certain that this strange paint reaction will occur on other body panels at a later date :eek:

my faith has been restored i am happy bunny cant wait to see the results :group-cuddles:

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If you dont let one of your coats dry properly be it primer, colour or laquer - u can get a reaction - where the paint will blister as you describe - let the guy take his time painiting it if he needs too, esp as the weather is so cold - unless he has a paint oven?

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