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Anyone Own A Paseo?


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Hi, Does any one own a Paseo. I have a 1997 version.

Has anyone done a spray job on thiers?. Im thinking of changing mine from just red to some thing a bit more. Any other changes anyone done?

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Not me, I've got a Celica.

The Paseo boys are probably still tucked up in bed but they will pop in and say Hi. There are quite a few around here somewhere..........

Welcome to the joint mate. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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Hey Vangav, welcome to the club! :D

There are a couple are of 2Gen 'Seo's on the board (& a 1G/Cynos), a few people have done some modifications - I'm not sure about paint although Oli_Paseo has had a complete respray, you may have seen pics of his car in a few mags, its the mental purple one! :D

Sounds like you have a few ideas for your car, I'd say go for it! Also you could consider F&F style graphics like the feature car in this month Max Power, this can be almost like a colour change.

Check out PaseoPIMP: PaseoPIMP


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