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Paseo Lights


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The crystal headlights are from the JDM Cynos-that's what 's on mine..

I'm looking for some front fogs don't want to pay €200 from Booster any ideas?

You think that crystal lights from Japan Cynos?

I'm looking fog lihts too.You can buy original fog lights or made yours from fyberglass.Or just put Hella lights...

This type of Altezza Civic taillights not so good...

This ones much better:


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the front lights you're refering to are stock on the paseo's built in the last few months of production, almost all '99 models have these "clear" frontlights.

here are the numbers for them, if you go to your toyota dealer with these numbers,they can order them for you. In holland they cost 209 euro, including the engine for the lights. (there are a total of 14 headlights for the paseo :P)

the number:


the rearlights i can't help you with, allthough i do know that with "some" adjusting of the rear-end of a paseo you can fit most civic rearlights into it.

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The part numbers u have given, are they the onlu numbers needed for a pair of crystal headlamps? Or are there seperate nimbers for both side, i will be very greatful if u cud clarify

Thanx :thumbsup:

this is the part number for a set of head lights, that have a clear glass. these headlights cost 209 euro here in holland. that includes everything, the headlight, the engine to make the lights go up or down (if you adjust them with the button on your dashboard) and everything else needed.

here's a picture where they're put on the paseo of a friend of mine:

the headlights:


another shot of the headlights:


Mounted on the paseo:


if you check with your toyota dealer, and let them run the part number through their computer, they can tell you exactly what you need.

the headlights displayed in this reply are bought with the partnumber: 81170-16700

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what do you mean with LHD versions?

i got this number from the toyota/lexus importer in holland. and more people in holland and belgium ordered the headlights with above mentioned numbers. so i don't see why it would be different headlights in the uk?

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indeed, i completely forgot you drive on the other side of the road :P

it's either time you'd switch, or you'd have to check with the toyo dealer for the numbers of the lights. since there are 14 different headlights for the paseo, one of them has to be the clear headlights for right hand driving countrys.

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209 euro for the total set, lights plus the engines to make them go up and down when you adjust the lights from inside your car. it took a few of us, paseo drivers in holland/belgium, quite a lot of work to get the numbers, since the toyota dealers can't check what kind of headlights they are. just that they are headlights for the paseo.. we got the numbers through the toyota/lexus importer in holland, his son is on the dutch teampaseo.nl forum.

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