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Who Would Be Tempted?

Nick SR

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wouldn't it be better to discuss this with the person selling the items, before going public? just seams damn cheeky.............

Thing is if say 10 people were interested in buying pretty much imediately then i'm sure envy would have been more influenced to put a bit of a package together.

Just chill, all i was doing was establishing interest.


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TBH mate in the end of the day Kev & Gaz have to make a living as well. They've done their own line of products to be able to offer lower priced high quality goods and an alternative choice to Yaris owners. STop asking for cheaper stuff when it's already cheap compared to other foreign items. They still have to recover the costs for the development etc for these products. Maybe when thy've been recovered you will see a decline in the prices. Apart from that, grow up. Sorry if i've been harsh, but i'm fed up of people taking the ****

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Cheeky but i suppose originally asking for discount on products is a bit cheeky but if your getting a lot of people it kind of balances out i suppose! I wouldnt push it further though, just see if it turns around!

EDIT: Seems Envy weren't too keen according to envy post! :P

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