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Everytime I Click On A Thread....

Demonic Angel

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A pop up box prompt comes up asking for my username and password for "rdyson.com", not dissimilar to the Gold pop up username and password box....

Does anyone know why this is - and more important, is it just me and am I starting to see things....

Here is the evidence:


The fairies sitting on my lap think its the latter, but its getting a bit annoying, I just click cancel and it goes away, but why is it doing it??? :unsure:

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I did last night, Anti-Spyware & Nortons - because I was a bit bored......

Someone's using rdyson.com as a picture store but the site needs a password. I managed to replicate it on my laptop too.

If you cancel the prompt then scroll down until you see a broken image link (on IE6) get the properties of the image and see if it's location is rdyson.com.



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