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Random Beeps


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For a couple of weeks now, I have heard some seemingly random bleeps that eminate from our '05 Rav4.

Recently, I heard 4 beeps when the car was unlocked and the passenger door was open but I don't think any key was in the ignition.

This morning, a couple of single beeps were heard when driving along.

I've checked the handbook, but can't immediately see anything that might explain them.

Any ideas out there in Rav-land?

Also, is there any way of seeing diagnostic codes via the radio display? Does anyone have the sequence to get them displayed, and their meaning?

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I had some beeps from my '04 XT4, turned out they were coming from the indicator but only lasted a couple of days. Can't think what else it might be?

As for the diagnostic codes, I think there is a method to get them to display in tacko/milage display but I don't know what they are. Have you tried http://www.rav4world.com/, you might see some thing in the FAQ or TSB sections.

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