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Rim And Tyre Combination


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OK, This is my first post, so I better introduce myself. I'm picking up my Yaris 1.3 T3 next week. I am a member of Honda-R. However my Civic is what I am trading in to get the yaris. I live in central Scotland.

The car as standard comes with 14" Steel rims with IIRC 175/65/14 tyres.

the Toyota 14" alloys are 5.5" width. Can I fit 185/60 on that size rim?

Alternatively Should I go for a 15"rim and put on 195/50/15 tyre.

How does performance compare between the two?

BTW my tyre of choice is Goodyear Eagle F1


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185 is fine with 5,5" wheel :), overal height is slightly smaller and Your speedo is showing slightly too much tought... If You look up some cornering performance go with 195/55x15, that is near same overal height (slightly bigger) with Your stock tires and drives much sharply. On the downside; You will notice harsh ride on bad roads... :wacko:

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Not sure, but I am sure I read somewhere that you should keep within 2% of the original wheel/tyre size (175/65/14)

The 185/60/14 is 0.9% smaller

The 195/55/15 is 2.1% bigger.

The 195/50/15 is 1.2% smaller (think this the T-Sport spec)

So it would seem the 14's to be the closest. Plus I don't think you can get 195/50/15 in the Eagle f1 tyre so it would need to be Toyo proxy's and not sure if the ride would be too harsh with only 50% profile. Plus 14"rims are cheaper and 14"tyres are too.

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