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Tuning Advice For A Yaris 1.3?


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Has anyone here changed The Intake/Header/Exhaust/Suspension or knows what is regarded as good quality proven performance results. Also What about electronics. What works well ie APEXI, Unichip, superchip?

As standard the 1.3 has Power - 87ps/86 BHP (64Kw) and Torque - 91.5 lb ft (124 Nm)

Ideally I would like a figure more like 100 BHP and 100 lb ft torque. Is this realistic with the above mods?

mucho appreciated

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I think your target should be attainable, as i've not really had any experience tuning that engine i'm not sure where the best gains can be made.

What i would do first is price everything up that you intend to spend including labor and check that it wouldn't be cheaper to either change the engine to a T sport or even change the car to a T sport :)


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Basic car £8500 +£285 CAI + £250 CAT Back + £500 shocks/springs + £550 Alloys/tyres + £400 AFC. all inc VAT and fitting where neccessary.

Total = ~£10,500

A T-Sport is £12,500

Performance wise, Doubt there would much between them at that point.

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Hi shenava

Well all the tuning parts you will ever need are on these two web sites. Check them out my friend.



Hope that this helps. Also i would like to welcome you to the club :thumbsup:


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