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I would just like to say that having been involved in a road traffic accident a few years back with my car landing up on its side, in a very deep ditch ( couldn,t even see the side of the car it was so far down) the other drivers fault, but took 18 months and court date to get him to admit he was entirely at fault. Damage to car £9500 plus personal injury to myself and passanger, medical expenses and no win no fee legal expenses ( well worth it recommend every time )

Luckily I was with Britannia Rescue with a far faster response time than either of the 2 well known motoring rescue services. Infact Britannia Rescue had pulled my Lexus RX300 out of the ditch and loaded onto the rescue vehicle,(no mean feat on the ice road) just as the AA turned up with a small van to attend to the other drivers car which was a rightoff. heaven knows how long the other driver had to wait for a removal truck to come I had long gone.

Also my 2 sons are covered on the same Resue plan and works out far cheaper than other organisations. Both my sons having older cars have had also to use the service ( for breakdowns) and they had just as fast response time as myself.

The way Britannia operate is not by having a vast fleet of vehicles with drivers not knowing the locality of the breakdown, but a system of using a local garages with local knowledge hence fast turnout time.

I can only say nothing but praise for Britannia Rescue .

Do or other members have or had to use a breakdown service and if so their opinion of the type of service they got and who they are with.


Also posted on Landcruiser site

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