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After installing a new headunit, sub, amp and front dashboard Speakers, the door Speakers in my Yaris have died.

They were pressty standard but i :censor: . I took the door off and found the stupid case thingy that the Speakers sits. So i drilled the git out.

I want to replance the speakers but i dont want to make spacer rings etc. I just want some speakers taht will fit straight into the existing holes, so athat all i do is wire em in then rivit them to the door.

I can see that the speakers are 5 and a 1/4" and about 60 mmdeep but the mounting hols are quite distant.

Does anyone know of makes and models of speakers that will fit straigt in.


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If it's the same fitting as the Corolla then you won't get a direct speaker replacement (three large rivets in a triangular pattern spaced a fair distance from the speaker? :huh: ). I bought a set of speaker adapters for an Omega and trimmed them to fit (they are about 6mm too deep to allow the door card to be put back on). With these I could fit a set of 6.5" Speakers in the doors (with a little trimming of the back of the door card).

Without the spacers the bigger (deeper) after market Speakers foul on the window when it drops. The new mounts will not fit directly over the rivet holes, so I made small angle brackets and bolted them to the surround and the door, then sealed them in with silicon sealant (also stops air from shifting directly from the front of the speaker to the rear). I have pics of my mods if you want me to send them to you.

Hope this helps,

Dave :thumbsup:

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Good stuff, i have found a firm that u can adapt the hole for the Yaris and also convert the size to 61/2". i want want some give me a shout. I work in a firm called Autocraze in Manchester and can arrange for mail order of many items.


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How you decided what Speakers you are going for?

Here are some Manufacturers worth looking at

Pheonix Gold

Phase Linear

JL Audio

BBG(made by Pheonix Gold but cheaper)





There are lots of other manufacturers, but these are the main ones(probably missed 1 or 2) to look at. At the end of the day you get what you pay for.

I compete with my stereo, when I upgraded my Calibre CSC6 components(£100) for my Phase Linear Audiphile 6 components(£400) I was totally blown away by the difference!!

Don't get me wrong you don't have to spend lots of money. The best thing to do is go to your local dealer/s and get them to demostrate a wide variety of equipment. This is a good way of showing the difference and helping you decide.

Hope this was some help :thumbsup:

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Just spent 10 hours mounting Speakers to my Yaris (including coffee/lunch break).

I'm planning to make a web page "how to install door Speakers to Yaris". I hope 42 pictures I took are enough. There are few tricks that will help you a lot of work. And the easiest part was to get new speaker wires through the rubber "hose" between door and :)

Tomorrow I'll be listening music throug JBL P-80.4 amplifier powering Velocity 130.1 2-way Speakers and SPL dynamics V-10S subwoofer :D I hope this equipment are enough.

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