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Just Bought An Mr2


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hey guys im new, last weekend i bought a G reg twin entry MR2 turbo and was wondering how can you achieve a wastegate noise and what is the best air filter to buy to get this noise?

if you can help please do cause no one i asked anywhere else seems to know lol

thanks dave

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You will get chatter back through the turbo by just putting on an air filter.

But for real wastegate noice you will need an external wastegate, which means a new turbo really, as the ct26 has an internal one ! (Unless you wanna weld up the current wastegate, buy a new manifold with a wastegate 'attachement' and 'bodge' it that way).

But your looking at a bit of cash for that !! :unsure:

Id just wack on a BOV for now !

Whats the specs on the motor then, any pics ?! :thumbsup:

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