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Gti/gl Tailgates ?

Unity Jon

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they're the same right ? just the GTi has plastic stuff bolted to it, meaning holes, meaning water leaks, meaning rust ?

are they the same, can anyone confrim this solidly without speculation ?

thanks guys.

The reason i'm asking is i want to do some mods, but my tailgate is rusty now so i'm going to bin it off and start with a fresh new one, make sure after the mods are done and the plastics in place its water tight this time. :thumbsup:

There are plenty of GL rollas going around with not one bit of rust in the usual places ! i want some of that too.

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yup exactly the same minus the holes dude. be aware that some of the holes are square though, so may take a little extra work to make them.

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jon as you prolly know respraying my rolla again. fitted a new and genuine toyota tailgate about 3-4 years ago. on removing the spoiler and lower glass mould i found a lot of rust around the glass clips at the bottom and also on the corners where the spoiler meets the tailgate at the bottom. when it goes back on this time im going to get some clear self adhesive acetate and put under any contact points to help prevent this happening again

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