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Alarm Ot Working


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Hi all,

Ive just bought a Celica 1.8 Gen 6, and i think its good!! wouldn't mide a go on a GT4 tho. but its miles better then my last car......escort 1.6 Auto!! LOL :eek:

anyway, the alarm was working fine, next to perfect.

I installed sum neons in the foot...place...as u know it get a bit dark there!! anyway, they blew after a while and since then the alarm has sopped working.

ive looked for the fuse for the alarm...cant find one.

ive looked at the main fuses and there are non that are blown

ive been to Toyota and they ahve tried to reset the code but it dont work

Ive tried all the different ways on this forum and that dont work either!!

can some one help????

i dont want to pay a daft amount and get it booked in toyota....help pppplease

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Hi, unfortunately I have exactly the same problem which I posted last week but no one was any the wiser. The dome fuse controls the power to the alarm which you will find on top of the passenger side headlight. I need to re-connect my alarm since my Dad decided to rip it out when I was away.


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No idea fella, sorry, but welcome to the Club, and good to see another Derby Celica owner on here!  If you see me around, flash your lights, eh? ;)

Oh, and you're not on 'Cruise Derby' are you by any chance?

no im not but would like to hear more about it!

i'll keep im eyes open if i see ya, but i can barley see with all the smoke from the....er..... :censor: ..ashtray!!!


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Im sure there are loads of ppl with the same problem and have or about to spend loot to get this jobie fixed by the only means....free inpartial advice from the members of this Club.

Someone had fixed this problem. can you kindly come up and tell everyone

and at this time ther are 4 replies and 49 views so that means that these ppl are one fo two

1 - they had this problem

2 - they just bored!! lol

please help my by helping everyone!!

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