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Whys The Forum Been Split?


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I guess just because we have a GT4 section you dont 'have' to put your GT4 posts in there ;)

I'd say carry on as per nomal, and leave it for the mods to move. I think its more for house keeping.

Means if people want GT4 info then its all in one place.

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Maybe the lift bolt issue should be in a locked thread and the T-Sport/190 forum closed then?

If anyone posts a lift bolt problem in this forum then that's deleted and they're referred to the top of the page?

Seems the best way to deal with it..........I certainly can't think of anything that's been wrong with my T-Sport that couldn't have gone wrong with a 140, other than the lift bolts.

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I've got to agree it doesn't seem the best way to split the forum!

The T-Sport is empty and I guess it's going to stay pretty empty, and the GT4 forum may mess things up a bit as loads of bits on the car are the same so a GT4 person may know some answers to a GT persons questions and vice versa but they might not see each others posts.

Maybe it would be better to have a sort a FAQ section at the top?

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