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Are Toyota Thieves?


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The 3rd year service at ropley toyota was going to cost £130

At my local Nissan (was MG Rover) garage (at the end of my road) cost £69

So what is the extra £60 for?

Hmmm <_< :censor:

Great customer service as well....the guys in the office said my car was very nice and loved what i had done to it. Altho 1 joked about the 12" sub in the boot saying apart from using the non existant boot all up....lol :D

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HAHA yeah got charged a whole 71p for washer fluid.....not even worth doing IMO!

MOT was £36 cos I am a student altho cost £4.80 2 re-align bulbs cos they were 2 high. Was done at a random garage in leamington spa....seems an ok price for MOT.

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mot for me £20 , service is free , i do em .

they have us by the nads ( sorry ladies ) if you need to keep up a warranty thats for sure. :thumbsup:

my father is paying near £400 to have his jag serviced :lol::lol:

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DOT set a price of i think £ 48 , you cant charge above that , but can undercharge - they are set to make it 1 price across the board , so i'm told. probably to pay for all the new mot pc's they have had to install. :ffs:

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Yes toyota ARE theives...

£5 for a single stem seal when you need 24!!!

the worst thing they do is not sell parts on their own...

i.e. if the steering wrack bushes go on your Soarer..... toyota will only sell you a new steering wrack... at 3 grand.....

Also the fact that they never racalled the Mkiii supra as they "forgot" to tighten the head gaskets enough at the factory is disgusting... even though they realised their mistake and used a high head bolt torque setting on later cars anyway....

ah yes, and £80 for a full weel alignment!!!!

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my father is paying near £400 to have his jag serviced  :lol:  :lol:

Well, if one can afford a Jaguar motor vehicle..... :lol::lol:

I think Toyota arent too bad, but then, I've not got much for comparison.... ;)

EM HE BOUGHT A GEN 7 for 18k from toyota , had it 1 year , had it valued 13k . :lol::lol: so he swapped it for a jag se. worth probably more in years to come. :eek:

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