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Possible Obx 4-2-1 Group Buy

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I've been talking to one of my regular parts suppliers regarding manifolds for the Paseo. He can source me the OBX manifolds to MY door for £165. I can send them on for about £15 ish via parcelforce 48 hours, or collect/meet up. These are brand new, in the box. Looking like this (pictures ripped off random ebay auction)


If I want a few, he could do me some sort of deal. If your interested in a group buy let me know.

I want to order by somewhere about 15th January.

Also as there are no aftermarket exhausts availible I am going to make myself a straight though exhaust section to replace the cat and to go all the way to the backbox, in stainless. I have the use of bending equipment, i can organise getting the flanges laser cut and all the hangers welded etc. Just add the backbox of your choice, if there is demand I could possibly make a couple, again let me know. No idea on price until I get there, but expect somewhere around the £140 mark.

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ive been wondering whether one of these on a 4efe would be a bad idea? it should bolt on ok, but im worried about the lower back pressure, as im thinking of doing something simular to what you said about the straight thru.

i'd be interested if they were a little cheaper.


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there was someone not long ago asking if they would fit onto a 4efe, contact him about it. how many people in on it already?

That would be me :thumbsup:

As I live in Ireland it wouldn't be cost effective for me to be in this particular group buy, what with postage etc.

Anyway I have been given a quote for $252 all in (€205), and what ever duty I have to pay to get it off the thieving excise people...

And thanks for remembering Riko!

OBX also do a hi flow cat for under $50, if a'straight through' is what some folks are after....

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