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Tte Backbox


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TTE backbox used to come from Toyota but i think they were discontinued, and they were about 250quid!


you can buy the Remus backbox for about 140quid from any stockist

and im saying that as the TTE box was just a rebadged Remus unit ;) 110quid for a TTE sticker :rolleyes:

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I got mine from e-bay. Brand new delivered for £100 :thumbsup:  It is just a re-badged remus though and is far tooooo quiet :crybaby:

any ideas what bore it is?, and if the remus one fits a t sport phase 1?

ebay cool ill have to have a look, did it come with a bit of pioping or was it just the backbox?


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Forget the Remus/TTE zorst, get a much better quality Jap item from Envy! :D

Siray, there is, I think, 2 or 3 kinds to fit different models and it comes with a teeny bit of piping so it connects up with your standard pipes! :thumbsup:

cheers fella, i dont want a backbox thats too loud you see

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