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Gen6 St Owners Look Here - Oil Usage?


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In Summary though - Yes!

It looks like a problem with one of the piston rings been made from a different material.

It uses about 1 litre per 1000 miles in the Summer and about 1 litre per 2-3000 miles in the winter.

Whether or not it is a problem is debateable! According to the user manual which came with the car it is perfectly acceptable for it to use up to 1 litre per 1000km (approx 600 miles) and that's from new!!! So it's well within specification - but still annoying!

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yeah, but all you need to do is forget to do it once and it could end up being expensive.

as ins isn't likely to be an issue, think it'll be safer to get the GT.

Agreed - If Insurance isn't an issue then go for the GT, they're cheaper to buy but will cost more for petrol but you don't have to pay for Oil so it evens out :thumbsup:

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