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Crankshaft Oil Seal,arrrrhhhhhhhhh!

Connie paa

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Hi everyone, I just bought my first Supra RZ,and had Oil leaking the other day after i gave it some shoe :eek: . It's running stock except for a HKS system and air filter. Well,my good mechanic looked into it and it's the Front Crankshaft Oil seal is :censor: :censor: responsable. I'm trying to locate one at the mo A.S.A.P cause i couldn't get one from the Main dealer cause i just didn't hav enough time with Xmass and all that :crybaby: . So does anybody hav one lying around the place looking for a home :thumbsup: I'm living in Ireland and would be trying to ship it overnight if theres one available :( I will hav it by the weekend myself so it's only a chance i suppose that i get it quicker. The dimensions of the seal would also be great if anybody knows em :thumbsup: Just hav my bout 2 days when this happened :crybaby: thanks in advance :yes:

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