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i know that..the situation is..a few months ago my bro broke the key..well he kinda snapped the blade clean out the transponder housing..and im not happy with paying toyota £130 for a key. so i found somebody in the states who can get me the blank transponder key Shell n uncut blade, all he wants is the FCC ID!

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FCC is a regulatory commission who makes sure you use a authorized radio frequency (as in "don't conflict with another transmission"). The FCC number is the approval number give to the specific product.

All Ya's will use the same frq band but will use a different hopping technique (or something similar) so when you press the unlock on your key all the cars in the parking lot won't unlock :eek: to get a correct transmitter & to get the immobilizer off (in case you have that also) you need to provide the tag that came with the original key.

hope this helps.



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