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Debadging Toyotas..


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Rhaines has told me that eucalyptus oil works very well for this task :yes:

I just want peoples opinions on what they have used to disolve and get rid of the glue once their badges have been removed, is there anything around the house that might do this? :huh:

So please tell me what you've used and where you got it!

many thanks

Sam :hokus-pokus:

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For debuging and to remove it glow just use pure alchohol(surgecal spirit?) :D

I have done it.

You can find it in boots or super market.

It will be very usefull if someone knows how to remove little scratches from the dash.

Yarisboy your dash is green or grey?


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Just a thought for dash scratches. I used to use Brasso to remove scratches from plastic surfaces (watch lenses) a while ago. Pour the Brasso on a cloth and rub it into the plastic in circular motions over the scratch. It may need some elbow grease. Wash the area off with soapy water after. I doubt if this meathod would work on deap/ serious scratches.

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