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Lowering Springs...

TS Flea

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I plan to lower my Yaris TS with TTE or Eibach springs in the near future.

The body roll has got to go. :angry:

I would like to know how much the ride comfort deteriorates after install....

The only reason I'm hesitant is 'cause of the roads here in Budapest.

They are awful at best. Pot holes and irregularities are abundant. :crybaby:

On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being stock comfort, how would you rate the comfort of your uprated springs?

Thanks. Your help is much appreciated.

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2... I have uprated suspension in my MR2 and I can feel every insect I run over, it's a hard ride, but when weighing up the handling it can't be beaten, if you have extremely bad roads I wouldn't do it as you'll be driving so slow it will be silly...

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Yes i would go with dan. But saying that they are quite good tte springs. You dont really sacrifice that much in the comfort. But you really will notice the difference in the handling department for sure. Go for it you will love you yaris even more. :yes:


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hi there

i had a corolla a few years back put in a set of Eibach spring

had to take them out a few weeks later no comfort saying that the roads in ireland have to be the worst its like some thing out of the 1930 s. i don't know what i pay road tax for at all. And the worst thing was when i put back the genuine springs the shocks in the back gave in. from the car being lowered. if you are going to lower would advise getting the right shocks to go with the springs.

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You need to change the shocks because if you use stock shocks with lower springs, the shocks will work to their limits.

Many constructers of lower springs say that a 30mm lower spring doesnt need the shocks to be changed.

I am also thinking of getting lower springs without changing the shocks but isn't it wrong?

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i had a corolla GTI with 6 month old OE back shocks. I got it lowered and not even 24hrs later the back shocks had gone. Replaced them with KYB shocks and never had a problem since.

The whole kit is the best option. It will hopefully stop the yaris turning over in hard cornering.

I find with the yairs it doesn't normally let you down but you still s**t your pants on the fast corners. I've had her flotting round corners beofre thinking "will we make this one"???

Anyway hope this helps.

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Go for it mate, on mine the ride comfort didnt change that much but it has become a bit off a rattle snake..

If you search for one of my threads about the springs you'll find i wasnt too impressed with them at first, but once they have setlled in they are very good.

I would change the shocks as well if you can, mine tends to 'bob' a lot when the going gets rough.

Oli.. I find that the back end tends to start floating out on hard corners, wat about yours?


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Unfortunately, I don't have enough $$$ for a complete shocks & springs upgrade right now.

If I do install the springs by themselves, will the stock shocks hold up? If yes, for how long? (the bad roads still apply...)

Thanks again for everyone's input.... :thumbsup:

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