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ne of yous out there turboed the 3sge celica /camry engine if so what yous do to make it handle the heat and :censor: or wt boost yous runnin internals.... cooler any help would be appreciated

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why turbo a 3s-ge when its easier and cheaper to convert it to a 3s-gte, turbo as std and a reliable 245 bhp (based on the later revision)

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yer i know but i took into consideration.... that findin a 3sgte in aust aint that easy at the moment... and with the money spent to buy a front cut even though u just change everything over into the car but with the 3sge u could just get some forgies... turbo manifold or use a 3sgte one if u can find one and buy a turbo intercooler bigger injectors and a fuel pump and u should be set well there just basic things.... and i cant have my car off the road for 6 months... any one here know times.. hours would be helpful parts and talkin moneyf ro both conversions?

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I know a guy that turbocharged the latest 3s-ge verion on standard compression (11).

I was thinking of doing mine as follows:

st205 ex manifold

CT20 turbo

Run 7 psi

5th or even 6th injector

Bigger injectors

Waldro fuel pump

st205 Toyota MAP sensor

front mounted intercooler

Vortech FMU

If piston will not take the stress then change to st205 pistons. Crank and rods are identical.

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st205 means the latest gt4 that is because my celica is the st202 model. In your case you should go for the st165 manifold if you have st162.

Do not know about costs. The best thing to do is to start to research prices. If you can buy used parts the better.

I am doing my reaserch at the moment. Will have to buy a manifold from MrT but will find a used turbo and some used injectors. Obviously will have to buy all the other parts.

Plan ahead as this could prove expensive in comparison with a 3s-gte swap.

And budget for an LSD as you will definatley have traction issues.

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