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OK.. AS you may have noticed over the last couple of days a lot of signatures have got smaller, if you have an image that is oversized we are in the process of shrinking them down to the required forum size as per Steve's (Admin's)....

My fingers are getting tired from all the PM's and I really don't fancy changing the text lines as I don't know what format you want to keep so could you please change your signatures to fit within the following rules...

1) No more than 6 lines of text...


2) 1 Picture set no larger than 400 x 60


3) No images or links to non-affiliated sites which do not link back here with the same-sized or similar banner.

If we spot anny sig's, photo's or banners to other sites we will alter these signatures.

Your help would be appreciated....

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how talls your pic ?

the pic is 53x400 pixels.. with one line of text, size 1...

Just wondering cos i have a pic & text... in total it does not exceed the requirement of pics.. but curious about the text & pic combination..

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