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Hello evryone,

Ive recently been working on swapping an 88 second generation 4age into an 86 MKI mr2 body. Needless to say, ive had some troubles. First things first, i have fully rebuilt the engine and installed the original wiring harness from the 88 (including 88 ECU). Once it was finally in, it wouldnt even attemp to turn over. So, then i tried making everthing i could manual thinking, ok, this is kinda cool, its like a race car. But my troubles continued. I have fuel pressure, spark, and starter rotation. But Im pretty sure the injectors arent spraying. Finnal summation, tommorrow Im going to take out the 88 harness and swap it with the 86 harness along with several vacume switches to see if she'll start up.

Thx, Cory.

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