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My uncle who lives in Newark (UK) has recently purchaced a Toyota Liteace from a local used car dealer and has a few problems.

1) His local mechanic has refused to take up the serviceing of the vehicle, as he claims being an import it is too difficult. The nearest Toyota main dealer is in Nottingham and is not likely to be interested in servicing a used vehicle import at a reasonable cost.Does anyone know of a good local garage that could service it?

2) He can't get hold of a service manual. Any advice ?

3) Although the vehicle starts well and the engine runs freely enough, it refuses to accelerate until he has coaxed it through it's first half mile when the vehicle picks up. The problem does not appear to be the engine but possibly the transmission. Any ideas?

The vehicle is a G reg turbo diesel automatic with all the gizzmo's eg. power steering, tinted windows, air conditioning, electric windows etc, etc and he has found it very difficult to get insured due to it being an import. Other than the above, he is fairly happy with his purchase.

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Hi Just a quick one in insuring, i found Norwich Union, by telephone to be a brilliant service, i couldnt do it online wouldnt take my car, i got fully comp insurance, im on a medical driving licence have 6 points and am 32 years old, i have the Toyota Liteace 2Lt TD Automatic H Reg Jap Import. If that helps.


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