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Happy Birthday Rhaines


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Congrats - know you won't be on line on the day so getting it in early.

As a birthday treat here is some text from an imaginary poster that I know you would just love:

Hello all ! I'm a Newbie. Just wanted to say Hi.

I have a red Mk2 MR2 and I am looking for person with similar interests for sharing / convoys and meets.

Based Oxford.

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Hey fellow Cancerian, congrats and salutations on the anniversary of your founding.


So the invites are lost in the post huh. Never mind we'll have the party here :meet: :beer: :meet: :beer: :meet: :happybday::beer::beer::beer:

Oh, sore heads tomorrow. Ah, forget it, more beer barman....... :beer::beer::beer::beer::beer:

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happy birthday ryanhave some :beer: 's for me (at work tonight) and enjoy your day

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You're probably heading for the pub but :happybday:

Should have had a party for your TOC & LOC mates though if only to get everyone to buy you a drink and get off your face for free!


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