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Rear Spoiler


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this is my first post in this forum so if anyone else has already posted a similar question my appologies.

i just ordered a new corolla t3 which i have to wait 3 loooooonnnggg weeks for :( i was thinking of having a rear spoiler put onto the hatch. apart from looking v nice are there any benefits from paying the £330.00 that i been quoted.

thx for any replies


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Don,t pay the £330 for a rear spoiler as i did, and another £300 for the front cos you can get a full bodykit for around £600-£700 :( Wish i had waited now :crybaby: Now i,ve got to buy sideskirts and rear skirt seperately and will probably cost me another £400.

The Grim Reaper


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Don't forget if your ordering the TTE Kit which can be purchased through Toyota Dealers you can get a club discount if you're a gold member and can produce the club membership card :)

Cheers Rhaines,

Iwill definately consider that when / if Toyota ever bring out the rest of the kit for the Corolla :thumbsup:

I thought it would have been out by now, they must be losing money to other bodykit manufacturers.I,m sure the Yaris bodykit was out way b4 this. It seems to be taking ages.

ps I,m getting to be a bit of a posting freak now, at least up to 13 posts :lol::lol: soon be as good as u Rhaines. no seriously i,m more of a browser than a poster unless i feel strongly about something :P

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