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Quality Problem With 2003 Corolla


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I been having all manner of quality issue with my 1.6 T-Spirit Corolla (and a few with the dealer).

The problems have been mainly rattles, squeaks, knocks etc. Some I've sorted myself, others I've been to the dealer numerous times but they fail to fix them. For example

Rear number plate (fixed myself by sticking felt under it-dealer never found)

Knocking from boot area (fixed myself by wrapping tools and tray in foam-dealer never found)

Creaking drivers seat (fixed first time by dealer)

Creaking passenger seat (dealer fixed second time)

Reclining mechanism failed on passenger seat (dealer fixed)

Creaking electric mirror control panel (dealer fixed second time)

Leaking sunroof (only happened once)

Knocking from rear offside (dealer tried to find twice but could not locate-me neither but its there)

Creaking from under radio (dealer fixed second time)

Dirt on interior when I collected the car (washed it myself)

Paper mat glued to drivers floor (still there under my floor mat)

Buzzing noise from behind speedo (or in that area). Two attempts now by dealer to fix and still there-you can hear it all over the car it's that loud (and annoying)

And don't ask what happened when I had a low speed front end run-in with another cars towbar-4 attempts to get the fit and finnish right.

What do I do-I'm at the end of my tether. How many times do I have to take it back to get the stuff done?. I've had no compensation from the dealer, always put fuel in the courtesey car yet they take mine for a 50 mile test drive. I wouldn't mind if the fixed the problems.

I bought the car in Jan/Feb this year-where do I stand?.

Just wanted to sound off and see what peoples opinions/ideas on what my next move should be.


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Runboy, really sorry to hear the grief your Corolla is giving you, Gaz seems to be getting somewhere now (fingers crossed !), but if Toyota don't support the dealers with fixes, the dealers can't support us either, and I think that's where we're at, at the moment.

This may be of interest...posted by "willemv" on the "Defect/Solutions" forum at the USA site www.2003Corolla.org

Posted: Mon Jun 23, 2003 5:40 am Post subject: Rattles - Summary of Actions to date



Mount extra metal fastener inside each rear wheel arch to firmly locate plastic inner liners.

Remove plastic liner below both door sills and add duct tape and re-assemble.

Tighten bolts on rear body skirting.

Tighten bolts on front body skirting.

Tighten Front Bumper mounting points.

Tighten Bolts that connect Bumber to rest of Body ( inside wheel arch and Headlight area )

Replace plastic fastener that locates bumper / grille in the middle with a metal fastener.

* Remove plastic fasteners that locate the plastic cover under the wipers and replace with plastic nut and bolt.

Tighten bolts holding flaps below R/H and R/H wheel arches.

Add extra bracket inside R/H and L/H wheel arches to firmly locate plastic inner liners to body.

Add a layer of sponge to cubby and key cubby.

Add duct tape to edges of Rattling Fuse box

Add foam stops to engine hoses to prevent Engine plastic cover to vibrate.

Add extra screws and Nylon Ties to Horizontal Plastic Liners around Engine.

Trim Horizontal liners around Engine where it interferes with the suspension.

Remove blank plastic covers for Fog lamps and add foam to edges, and re-fit.

Make inside hood liner fit better.

RESULT: Much better, especially after re-fastening the plastic cover under the wipers. Still have a low speed rumble/rattle in the front suspension area. Could be a cover type noise or a shock-absorber type noise. Any ideas out there?


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That's a real shame to hear.... I've had a few problems with dealers before, but nothing like ur experience. But one thing that definatly seems to sort them out is when I indirectly threaten to take the matter up with senior management or Toyota itself!

Have a word with Toyota, maybe telephone them and write them a letter, mention that if the matter is not resolved u'll be taking it up with watchdog with the evidence u've accumilated on how u've been treated. After all u've forked out all that money for a car and u expect to get a quality product and service.

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Ring Toyota Customer Services UK and complain. Insist on a new replacement car or a buy back but watch they don't deduct too much money!

You don't have to put up with this. Write to Watchdog, Autoexpress or What Car with your story I am sure you will not be alone.


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Cheers guys-nice to know I'm not alone!.

I whave been thinking about my next moves, and I suspect if I contact the dealer they will just ask me to bring it back and have yet another go at fixing things.

I'll therefore go down the Toyota/press route (and copy the dealer in). The delaer has had long enough/too many tries to fix things for me to feel like I'm being harsh. If you can't fix it after two attempts then something is wrong.

Just got to find time to write the letters now.

Gaz-got your PM-sounds interesting. Is this because people expect Corollas to be the best built of all cars-but are finding the latest is not?.

What do people think are the chances of a buy-back, reduced by my milage (about 5000 miles)?.

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Runboy plus any other member having problems with their new Corolla, you can all phone Toyota Customer services (the number is in your vehicle hand book). Ask for a full refund if you feel you have endured enough, if you want to go around the loop again ask for a new corolla. They make a big thing of quality etc. (a car to be proud of). Tell them how it really is.

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