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Kph/mph Conversion


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Hi guys,

Any advice for the Devon UK area...

I have a 4.2 TD VX Ltd 1995. The garage I bought it from is in London and they didn't convert it properly:

* speedo faceplate changed from KPH to MPH (really wanted dual)

* speedo box fitted so that it clocks up in MPH


So now, it's 110% pure mongrel mix milometers, and I thought that the clock was going to be wound back when I got it. I know that this can be done legally, but I can only find companies in the M25 area that will do this.

Any leads/contacts for the Devon area?

(My local Toyota dealer was no help at all.)



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Since it uses a box to change the speed (not an electronic signal change) there's nought you can do about the milometers. They should ahve given you a certificate saying when it was done with a stamp so you can on sell easily.

The facia for the speedo shouldn't be a problem. Most people do duel reading ones. Try www.f-e-s.demon.co.uk

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Thanks for reply dosenffner,

My point is that the odometer can be wound back legally and there are companies that do this in the London area. The London garage that sold me the car has offered to get a specialist in to wind back the odometer.

I was looking for some one locally in Devon and haven't been able to find any. At the moment it is very inconvenient to go all the way back to London to get this fixed.

Thanks for ref on dual reading speedo, I'll check it out.



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