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Induction Kits


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Which is better...the HKS or the Blitz kit? Or even just a replacement panel filter? I'm toying with the idea of just a panel filter because on mine, the air box can be cut open at the front and i could get a custom-made air feed straight from the grille into it! I'm not sure what the engine bay of a T-sport looks like, but mine's a 1.0...any suggestions?


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Seany, as I also have a 1.0 I see where you're coming from

I really don't think there'd be any benefit from having an induction kit because it really won't make that much of a difference because of the size of our engine...

I had a thought about feeding from the grill straight to a K&N panel filter too m8 and it's probably the best (as well as cheapest) option

let me know how u get on if u decide to go for the panel job

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Yes I agree it'll increase the throttle respone, but a panel filter would do the same job especially if u got cool air from the grille...

besides who wants a ridiculously over dramatic induction roar on a car that isn't fast enough to back that sound up!

K&N panel filter is the option i'll be going for anyway

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What effect does having an induction kit on Warranty? Just curious, I would like to go down the Blitz route....but at the same time want to keep my warranty (2 years left)



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