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:eek: wow, i have just been out and bought maguires car wash and a bottle of maguires liquid clear polish, in i hour and 3o mins, i have washed dried and polished my avensis, in part sunshine aswell, i cant beleive how easy it was to use, it actually did what it said on the bottle. i used to use autoglym and thought that was good, but in my opinion this maguires stuff is great, not the cheapest stuff around at 12 quid for the polish but it has saved a lot of time and effort to get a good result, just thought i would share that info with u all ,

anyone else used this atall or any of there other products let me know

cheers :thumbsup:

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Yep, most of use LOC boys swear by Meguirs..

Personally, I use the Gold class stuff (shampoo, wax & glass finish wax).. fantastic results..

Best buys to add to the collection, Scratch-X (you won't believe how good it is), and bug & tar remover..


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I have a web-site for a UK company that can send you most Meguiers mail order...

If you would like to order now (in time to prep for JAE)

will PM it to any GOLD members ;)

I would guess there will be someone selling it at JAE..

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Not exactrly on topic but does anyone have a better/ more cost efffective alternative to T Cut for restoring the original colour to paintwork. I have a red car that has turned pink :wacko:

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OK  i aint tried to do the car with it yet but it looked like a very small bottle 

Anyway, there must be an easier way... its damned hard work doing all that rubbing..

erm....not really!

unless you buy one of those electric buffer things. remember, you have to wax where ever you've T-Cut afterwards.

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