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1993 Camry V6 Xle 2800 Obo Jump On This Good Deal


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Hi guys, on the 28th I was hit by a drunk driver and he totalled my parents car. So I've decided to sell the car as a whole so here is the low down.

I was hit from the left rear bumper and it smashed the rear bumper and the quarter panel all the way to the gas cap. Other than that the only other damage is to the right front rim, I do not know if it is bent but it was flat when I got out of the car. The doors still close fine and everything. Personally I would say everything from the trunk up to the front bumper is in perfectly working condition and is definately salvagable.

For sale 2800 OBO

Wineberry (burgandy/maroon color)

1993 Camry XLE V6 (top of the line fully loaded)

100k miles and we just completely the 100k tune up (big money around 1G)

Tan Leather interior in almost MINT condition

cd player

the whole interior is there

motor is in excellent condition (we are the original owners)

No dents in the hood or doors

The whole car is for sale and NOT for parting out.

This car is great for anyone looking for a custom motor swap or a simple replacement and parts car. The car is seriusly in excellent condition except for the left rear quarter panel and trunk. The car is currently located in a junkyard in Vallejo and if bought you would pick it up there.

I need to know if anyone is interested in this in the next 3 days ASAP otherwise the car will not be sold.

Please e-mail asap if interested at Bigwilly321@hotmail.com and please put CAMRY in the subject line so I can determine the diff between your inquiry and junk mail.

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