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Red-led Interior

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I cannot tell you how it was done, I'm not an expert. I just asked for it, they said it was doable, voila! The only problem is the CD. I have only redded the screen of the CD, I was told the remaining leds are kind of hard to find, and that they placed an order. So I'll have those changed soon, too.


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It was done the 'authorized' way... So when you get yout TS, you can ask them to do it. If they haven't done it before, get in touch with me. It takes a couple of hours because there are quite a few leds to be changed. The Cd and the alluminium-look part shall be removed. In my case, the only side effect was the cd being a bit more creaky. Since it was anyway, I dont care..

Dont do it unless you see one up close. You might not like the idea. Personally, I loved the idea. Still I dont have any information about the CD leds. I've only had the one illuminating the screen changed. They said they were going to order them but I've been too busy to go over and ask what happened. I'll let you know when I get the chance.

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I like - being that my car is black with the silver dials and the red within the tsport logo, i am keeping with that 3 colour scheme.

I think that would look really nice in my car. (if i had not run out of money).

It reminds me of Knight Rider for some strange reason :blink:

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