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6inch Speakers


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i got a 88 celica and i got 6inch Speakers for the front and stuff and i cand put im en cauz the motor for the window is in the way yous got any solutions or sumfin can ya do sumfin besides a pod that will fix it

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Try making a spacer.

Its just a circle of MDF with the centre cut out. Screw that to the door and then the speaker to the spacer. It should give you some depth.

The only bad thing about doing this is that the speaker cover may not fit over the speaker.

Its either that or buy some new Speakers that are not as deep.


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:lol: I still think i have conquered the most impossible of impossibles by mounting 6 by 9's in the back on my st205 using the original 17's brakets.

But i think unless you move the motor somehow or mount the Speakers further away from the motor by modding the door i cant see you sorting that without using an mdf spacer.

Nothing wrong with that though, thats how i mounted my 2 ways in the front of mine.


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i mastered it lol the angle grinder heals all just cut all the metal away from the motor except for the bolt holdin it to the door and a 10mm spacer and she was apps thanks for the help just gotta get some vinyl to make the spacer look a tad better

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