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Toc Approves Of Speeding :(

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After a recent post by a member who shall remain nameless, due to the fact he /she may feel alienated, a thread has been boxed.

If someone posts a topic which others disagree with then he has taken the choice that there is a chance he / she will be alienated. That is his / her choice.

This fact the thread was boxed is not acceptable. The thread was complaining about mobile speed cameras and the fact that they had been caught by one whilst doing 37 in a 30 zone.

My response was realistic in asking what they expected to get out of such a thread. Sympathy is not an option and to agree with it would be to condone the act of speeding. Not a wise thing for any car club to do. Look at the problems that arose from a private piece of land at the Gaydon meet. Not something this club or any other wants to be associated with.

Obviously the poster became upset because I did not share his / her love for speeding in a 30 zone or see why the camera should have gone off at 37. Whether they are mobile or stationary, hidden or marked, they will not take your photo if you are traveling at or below the LEGAL limit for that area. Where's the problem? What's the point in complaining?

Mobile speed cameras. Grrrrrrrr!!!!!

This title is complaining whatever way you look at it. Keep your anger at breaking the law to yourself.

To move this thread at the request of the person who started it just because he / she was made to look like an irresponsible young man / woman is foul play and narrow mindedness.

I understand the nice nature the club wants to portray but this is acceptance that the poster is in the right when out of forum discussion with moderators suggest they share my view on the matter.

Other car club forums often offer the same kind of response. The posts are left intact and the person hopefully realises they have made an error and apologise to the club and things carry on as normal. Everyone learns a valuable lesson.

If you could have done 37 on the road it would have been marked at 40.

Now you have done two things wrong. You could have just apologised and accepted you had done a silly thing or even better, not said anything at all. Hence why everyone adds 'private road' to their speeds. By posting it you can get yourself in trouble and the club can be discredited. A lot of people from all professions (either side of the law) read these boards.

By deleting this thread the Toyota Owners Club has made a stand suggesting it condones traveling at 37 in a 30 zone.

If someone is willing to post about a topic like this they should be willing to take the heat that comes with it. Freedom of speech?

This is not a free board as is indicated in the boards conditions. It has fallen far short of expectation.

That is not the Club / Forum I joined, nor one I'd like to be part of. There are plenty of Nova / Corsa forums for that kind of thing.


Please delete my account. I no longer wish to contribute to this board or recieve any corresponence from it. :(


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Not the reason I have been given by the moderators. Where's the lesson in boxing it?


I pm'ed ????????? and asked him if he would like to have the option to move the topic into the moderators section as things was starting to get a bit heated and he accepted the offer and that is what boxed threads are.A place where unsuitable topics or ones that are going over the top are moved.


will be stayed in boxed threads i'm afraid.

The supermoderators agree with what you said and he was a prat for putting it up in the first place.But it was starting to get heated and could only be classed as personel attack on ????????? because the subject mean't every reply was directed at him which isn't allowed and the moderators move a lot of these topics each day to try and stop alienating a member just for one mistake and we have all made those from time to time.

If you want to start a new topic off then that is fine as long you don't mention any names.

Anyway. That's my lot for this forum. Ciao.

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Well, from reading that, it seems apparent to me that TOC does not approve speeding, and agrees the person concerened should not of posted that statement..

But it signifies that it does not allow personal attacks on individuals, but opinions are welcome.

I will be sad to see you go...

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I was the "super moderator" you refer to in your post.

I can categorically state that TOC does not condone speeding.

The thread you refer to was boxed because the original poster wanted it to be removed.

Personally - I feel you had some very good points, but also feel that you expressed them badly. :(

I also disklike people posting saying "I did 45 in a 30 and got flashed - what are the loopholes I can use to get out of it" - I do not agree with it at all.

However, your arguments where worded in such a way that the original poster felt that he was being personally attacked by your remarks, so the thread was removed.

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I agree with Matthew Mcnally.

But i do feel there is no need for you to leave mate. I respect your thoughts on the matter and hope you decide to stay.

No way do we condone speeding... Do I look stupid?

I am upset you even think that of us.. crumbs.. you have met me.. do I look like i am the max power type.. bandana on and stuff?

If I had seen that thread earlier then i might have said something... but as I see it was requested to be shut down by the topic starter... the thread was not even started by you.

If you wanna chat about it mate then please PM me anytime.


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