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Tow Bar For Paseo


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Hi there

I am about to buy a trailer tent and need a tow bar for my paseo .. and have met deadends from all places I have tried .., my local toyota dealer suggested I try the owners club site

can anyone help please



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I called the toyota dealer to see if the paseo frame was added to a more popular chasis and was tld no .. it is unique .. all i could get was the old part number .. but its now obsolete

.... runing out of options .... apart from buying a new car!!


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first of all where in the country are you...........

there is a company in witney (oxfordshire) that custom make tow bars. i had one made for my MKII supra.......

its called

CTC Camping or CTC outdoors

Corn Street



sorry cant help with a phone number

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:thumbsup: you superstar you

.. by contacting CTC .. they put me onto Watlins Engineering in st albans ,,,, and found one made by bosal .. o e in country .. costing £225 .. I;ll believe it when I see it

Thanks soooooo much



ps now all I gotta do is learn to tow and put up a tent!! :o

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