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"ac Reverse Euro Glow Gauges"


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i recently met a guy who replaced his stock gauges with "AC Reverse Euro Glow Gauges", and i thought it looked excellent. (is what i'm calling this the right name?)

i was just wondering if anyone had done this, or has any words of wisdom, or words of warning, or tips or tricks or thoughts on the matter at all.

i'd also like to ask about any information you may have on recharging or retrofitting the A/C (mine, as far as i know, is just uncharged, with no other problems. i could easily be wrong.) How much should i look to spend on getting it to blow cold air? (probably too much.)

Oh, and hello everyone. I'm Jeff, and i have a 1989 Supra Turbo, white, solid top, lowered 2" with tokico springs, Apex Super Sequential BOV, HKS Super Mega Flow intake... and other things.

nice to meet you. ^_^

(attached is a picture of the gauge thing i'm referring to)


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Ok, never seen that before- so cant help with your queries I'm afraid but was wondering if it's available for the mkIV?? If it is I NEED those in my car! Definately go for it- looks ace mate!

Oh, and hello and welcome :)

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I can get indiglow dials made. My contact requ ires an order of about 10 units, but would need a speedo to copy.


Made for any car?? Anyone with MkIVs up for this??? Come on... you know you want to!!

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They look wkd :D

But I want some new Gauges for my car :unsure:

Mine only goes upto 120, think bout going for some nice Smiths/Caerbont Telemetrix Range. There niiiiicccceeee :drool:

And they go upto 170 :blink:

But it whether I can fit them in that tiny little place where mine fit :(

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Hiya Jeff, ive been looking for a set of these for ages but have only found ones for a left hooker, where did you find them from if you dont mind me asking??

With the air con, just take it to any air con people but not Toyota, the original gas is no longer available but there is a replacement, cant remember what its called now, all reports say its not quite as cold as the the original gas but is still ok, about £80 for a recharge IIRC

Come and say hello at www.mkiiisupra.net/bbs

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NWS25, you can get them at titanmotorsports.com


70 USD

only problem is that they have the ones that only go up 140mph (or 150) and i want my gauges to be the exact same (160)

you can find them on eBay, but they're kinda rare.

i'm really starting to wonder how the power works... will it make my dimmer useless? can you just lower the power to indiglo things and have the light intensity differ? or is indiglo something that's all or nothing?

hm. hopefully i can figure this one out. :)

(and the AC thing is CFC R12, and you can replace it with CFC R134 i think, but you need to retrofit a new system, which is big bucks. good idea taking it to an A/C place instead of a dealership though. thanks.)

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They're on e-bay alot, but they're for left hookers, the speedo and rev counter are fine but the other gauges are the wrong way round. 140 or 150 just isnt high enough, especially with next years mods :D

For the a/c, you dont need to retro fit anything, you just need the gas changed/recharged.

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