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Taxi Driver


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Anyone seen this movie?

Got the rental dvd from Blockbuster yesterday and it won't play..... :censor: :help:

And........it's the only copy they have in.............. :censor:

Give me a brief synopsis someone please....... :thumbsup:

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A simple story full of wonderful family values.

A guy, (Travis) goes to a big city and super responsibly, gets a job doing the honest, necessary albiet blue collar work of driving a taxicab. He shows real dedication by working the streets up to 18 hour days.

He is Mr. Thrifty though, and saves his money so he can buy expensive things, thereby helping the economy grow. He also shows good skills in negotiating with an independant small business man.

( Awesome sub plots in this movie abound. Teaching the kiddies about the value of exercise, industrial auotmobile cleaning methods, constitutional ammendment rights, personal grooming and much more.)

He is rewarded by all his hard work by meeting 2 beautiful girls. The first is a working girl, Iris, not unlike himself. On the streets day and night, she often works more hours in a day than Travis. But she shows American spirit by working out of the bedroom in her own one room apartment.

She is also super responsible. So much so that she left home at 13 to go out to help stimulate the economy. She also shows us the meaning of generosity, by giving most of what she earns to what appears to be a homeless man.

(The filmaker shows his genius here, by not even mentioning this man's hispanic ethnicity...thereby showing the little ones that race doesn't matter when it comes to poverty.)

The second girl works for a political candidate. She turns out to be not very nice. Travis takes her out to a fantastic movie about human relatioships, but she shows herself to be a snob and rudely walks out.

Travis doesn't get mad though, because he REALLY likes her, even though it appears she might be flirting with someone else at the same time she is seeing Travis. Still, he REALLY likes her, so he follows her around all the time just to make sure she is always safe.

Near the end of the movie when he is watching out for her safety, he gets to meet a real politician running for office. (WOW! only in America, huh kids?) He is so impressed, he tries to enlist in the secret service!!! What a wondeful giving man!!

Then all of a sudden, Travis senses danger for Iris, and runs to help her. It seems the homeless man...you remember the one Iris gives her money too? It turns out he may smoke ...marijuana.

(I know some parents out there might be concerned here. Trust me, you will see the positive message taught here in a moment.)

Travis has serious issues about drugs. He only belives in aspirin. (In what can only be described as cinema genius, the filmaker show us a very concerned Travis practicing over and over his listening skills for this upcoming intervention..Travis' plaintive "Are you talking to me?" solioqy, is perhaps movies most famous plea for better communication.)

But I digress.

So when he finally sees that homeless man in the films last reel, he tries to talk to him. The homeless man becomes wicked angry though..(this must be that reefer madness we hear about.)

Anyway, as final resort to this issue, and to show this homeless man that anger can be hurtful in relationships, Travis is forced to excerise his constitutional rights again and again and again and again and again and again to help Iris find closure.

In the end of the movie, Travis has some health issues that he has to deal with OSHA about (loud industrial noises in an enclosed space without proper hearing protection).

But that is life, and the government, and Travis has a job to do and he is still out there doing it today.

The End.

Wonderful family movie with good American values!!!!

I give it 2 guns up!!

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Strewth Dosenoffer - did you write all that in the 4 minutes since I posted it......... :thumbsup::thumbsup: Thanks guys...

Sounds a great film. Can't believe I can't get a copy on rental from the biggest boys in movie rentals. :help:

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