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Best Insurance Company For Unusual Import ?


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I'm looking for an insurance company that insures import that are not 4x4 or sports.

I'm driving a Toyota Mark II Grande, which is a 4 door hardtop (saloon), but most insurance companies that do normal imports haven't heard of it hence won't touch it.

Are there any undiscovered companies out there ?

thanks for your help.


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hmmm have you tried direct line?

I insured mine through them and saved me £600.. but they did not know what car i had.. so i just explained what it was and they put Toyota 3.0i

But to cover my ***** I sent them a copy of the log book!

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OOPS, forgot to say i'm with diirect line (thanks Steve), for which i'm paying about 300 quid. fully comp and max. no claim. but I have the feeling it can be done better, and to find an alternative just incase direct line packs it in.

See you all at the JAE (saturday only)

Also i'm looking for a job as a (design) draughtman. drop me a line if you know anything.


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£300 smackers just pay the money mate , I just been quoted 483 fully comp for my Hiace SuperCustomLimited3.0 turbo, basically a diesel van??

That was with Tesco.:thumbsup:

AA don't touch parallels :arrgg-matey:

Norwich Union Quote me happy? Over a grand?:ffs:

Make me happy kiss my heiny.:D

BTW I have full no claims and it will be protected, they also offer interim cover for the time when you have the new one and still have the old one.

And suffice to say I'm not 'ahem' in my youth shall we say??B)

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