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Satellite Radio


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In America they have the xm and sirius satellite radio systems and Europe/Asia and Africa have Worldspace.

Does anyone know if there are plans for a europe only system?

I live in a poor reception area and really like the idea of having a satellite radio system in my car tuned into my favourite stations.Also not losing the signal because you have gone to far away from the station transmitting the signal and then have to switch to a station playing rubbish.

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Satellite seems the way to go.

I live in a good reception area in general but with all the country roads and hills then that can affect the reception at times.

I bet it's on it's way at an mad £££ . Might have an affect on the listening figures of some local stations though if everyone in the North, for example, can tune into Capital Radio say....

Then again Capital own shed loads of the local stations around GB anyhow.........

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What about digital radio....DAB is it?

I never thought you could get that in-car.Looked into it not only you can but there is a DAB demo car appearing at York tomorrow so i'll pop through and have a look cheers 97 :thumbsup:

The price in America is $9.99 for satellite radio per month but you can bet if we ever get it we will have to pay a lot more.

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